About us.

Our goal is to make data analysis accessible to everyone, through our powerful and smart solution


Why Datama ?

After our extensive experiences in strategy consulting and analytics, we realized a critical gap: the worlds of business and technology often struggle to understand each other. Business leaders frequently face technical responses to their strategic questions.

Recognizing this, we founded Datama in 2017. Our vision was to seamlessly blend the analytical depth from our analytics experience with the strategic clarity gained from consulting.   

The name ‘Datama’ combines ‘Data’ and ‘Marketplace,’ reflecting our ambition to be the essential toolbox for data analysts in the marketplace.

Our founders


Ex analytics manager at Expedia and Bain & Company


Ex manager at Deloitte Digital


Ex analytics manager at Expedia and Bain & Company


Ex manager
at Deloitte Digital

Our teams

Located between Paris and Nantes, our team is driven by three essential values: INNOVATION, TRUST and KINDNESS.

At Datama, business expertise is combined with cutting-edge development and Data technologies

Our ambition as a team:

 to become a global leader in augmented analysis, serving various professions.

Our goal:

to provide corporate data analysts with tools to produce impactful and significant insights for their profession. We strive to make data analysis both powerful and accessible to everyone.


is at the heart of what we do; we're constantly pushing boundaries to redefine the possibilities in analytics


is our foundation, not just within our team, but also in our relationships with clients and partners. We believe in building lasting connections based on transparency and reliability.


is what binds us. We foster a culture of support and inclusivity, where every member feels valued and empowered.

At Datama the future of analytics
is drawn today. Join us as a client or collaborator, and be at the heart of this revolution!