Interview of Pierre & Vacances about DataMa Compare

We are pleased to share here the feedback of Gregory Sion, Senior Vice President, Digital and Sales at Pierre et Vacances – Center Parcs, on the use of DataMa Compare

Q: In what context have you been decided to use DataMa?

G.S.: Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs realizes via the web 50% of its 1.2 billion annual revenue in tourism.

Optimizing our web conversion is our first priority. The detailed and segmented analysis of Web conversion developments allows us to make the right decisions to maximize our web sales.

Q: How do you use DataMa Compare?

G.S.: DataMa Compare allows us to quickly and systematically identify the explanatory factors (mix effect, performance variation of a particular segment, change of a stage of the customer journey, …) changes in our web conversion through an interactive and ergonomic dashboard (“waterfall” graphic).

We use DataMa analysis for both top management presentations and as an operational tool to identify optimizations to be carried out by our Acquisition / Web Product teams. The data is stored on our systems to avoid outsourcing sensitive data to the business.

As always, the quality and completeness of the data is a key factor for the relevance of these analyzes … DataMa also helps us in identifying problems related to the quality of these data.

Q: How do you see the collaboration between DataMa and the Pierre et Vacances-Center Parcs Group?

G.S.: We are currently continuing our collaboration with DataMa for the improvement of current tools but also the development of new tools. This collaboration is more in line with Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs Group’s stated commitment to be a true leader in innovation, particularly in the field of data, by partnering with high-potential start-ups such as DataMa.

Gregory Sion

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