Datama innovates with BPI French Tech!

DataMa is proud to benefit from the innovation grant program “Bourse French Tech”, awarded by BPI France.

This support will help us to develop a new tool “DataMa Impact“, a predictive algorithm that will assess the impact and significance in the variation of a KPI. (e.g : understand the impact of a marketing campaign on the revenue by comparing the projected revenue with the real observed revenue)

DataMa is thus recognized “young company with real growth potential” by a referent institution of the ecosystem of start-ups.

To see all our solutions under development, click here.

 See you soon!


To see all our solutions under development, click here.

About La French Tech

French Tech is the nickname of French startup ecosystem and all those in it—from bioscience to online marketplaces—wherever in the world they come from. It is also a government-backed movement bolstering France as one of the best countries in the world to start and scale global tech champions. We are startup founders, investors and other community builders who believe in both growth and progress. We support startups through diverse startup programs, events, funding opportunities, policymaking and a powerful network of French Tech communities across world.”

To know more about the French Tech Exchange, see here

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