DataMa receives promising EarlyMetrics rating of 68%

Datama had the honor of being selected by EarlyMetrics to perform an evaluation of the company. For its first rating, DataMa has been awarded, on April 15, 2019, by a rating of 68%.

EarlyMetrics is the leading rating agency in Europe for startups, whose mission is to detect, qualify, analyze and evaluate the most promising startups in Europe.

The rating takes into account 50 criteria, based on three pillars: the founders and the management, the project and the technology, the ecosystem and the market. This rating will be reviewed regularly as the company evolves over the time.

In its report, EarlyMetrics recognizes the expertise and complementarity of DataMa’s management team in carrying out the company’s project. It also highlights the expertise of leaders in the field of analytics and their understanding of the issues and needs of businesses in terms of decision support.

 The performance analysis solutions developed by DataMa are considered to have a high added value for companies, allowing a significant time savings in the realization of their analysis activities.

The size and growth of the data market in general and of the analytics market in particular is a very positive factor. DataMa owns already a significant technological barrier over these competitors, which will be comforted by the upcoming arrival of a new solutions.

A risk has been identified on the density of the market and the number of players in the analytics and data businesses, which is offset by the fact that many of these players can also be partners for DataMa (consulting firms , software publisher, …) who will be able to equip themselves with DataMa solutions.

There are still many things to do and to improve and we will embrace this challenge with pleasure. Appointment is taken for the next evaluation with Early Metrics



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