Datama Compare live demo

General overview of DataMa COMPARE

We’re proud to share that Datama Compare, part of Datama solutions, is now available for live demo online!

Datama Compare is a proprietary model that helps you understand the variation of a KPI between two segments. We can set up a quick demo with your own data for free if you contact us.

Please read use case explanations here.

You can check the demo here:

Overview of the Datama Compare interface and key features of performance analysis.

  • Analysis of the different effects of the market equation (or the conversion tunnel)
  • Analysis of the dimensions at the origin of the variations of the performance
  • Contextual summary of performance analysis
  • Details of performance effects and mix effects by step and by dimension

Editing the segment – Pivot Start & End Dimensions

The modification of the segment makes it possible to rotate the analysis (by passing for example from an analysis between 2 dates to an analysis between 2 countries, between 2 products, between men and women, ….)

Loading and saving an analysis

DataMa Compare allows to save a version of the analysis, taking into account the parameters. This backup can be loaded at the next login and also shared with a colleague.

Setting up a filter on one dimension, Simplifying a conversion tunnel stage

Filter on one dimension: This functionality allows to remove from the analysis a dimension present in the dataset (for example: remove the device dimension from the analysis)

Simplification of step: This concatenates several stages of the conversion tunnel. And it also allows to modify the measured performance (for example: by removing the “User” step, from the analysis of my income, the performance analyzed without the effect of the user volume will become “Revenue / User” – the average basket)


Extraction to Tableau 

As for example you can extract your analysis through a Tableau Software visualisation.

Check the DataMa tableau public template here:

Many other features are available that we invite you to discover on our online demo, by creating a free account.

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